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Ready for your dog to benefit from Canine Rehabilitation Therapy?

The first step is to have your Veterinarian fill out the Pretreatment Referral form here or we are happy to fax or mail it to them. You may also print out the Registration Form here, pick one up at our office, or we can send or fax it to you. Because we ask for your dog's medical history and medications, it's often easier to fill the Registration Form out at home where your records are. We MUST have the Pretreatment Referral form from your Veterinarian (who can fax it to us at: 406.222.4681 PRIOR to your first visit to Black Dog Rehab. This allows your veterinary to relay any pertinent information to us and allows us an opportunity to request additional records as appropriate.

What To Expect

You, and your dog, may be surprised by how much canines enjoy their visits and treatments. We create a fun, playful and positive environment for dogs' rehabilitation and they relax and enjoy the experience. Please bring your dog on a leash. If you dog has had periodic lameness or a limp, try to capture it on a video (on your phone or camera) and bring it with you to their first appointment. If your dog has a shy or nervous temperament, no problem; we build 15 minutes into their first appointment to let them acclimate to the space. There will be other dogs in the waiting area so please come check in first if your dog has displayed some dog aggression behaviors in the past. Let us know of any special needs when you make your initial appointment.

Rates / Hours / Contact

  • Rates: Initial Evaluation (following submission of paperwork above) $50 for an average of 45 minutes. Follow-up Treatment $35 for an average of 30 minutes.
  • Hours: Tuesday 3 - 7 pm and every other Saturday 9 - 4 pm.
  • Phone: 406.222.4682 fax: 406.222.4681 Email:
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Black Dog Rehab has a special dog-friendly space located within Granite Sports Medicine at 315 South Main Street, Livingston, MT 59047.

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