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Darcy Cook MSPT, CCRT

Darcy received her Master of Science Degree in Physical Therapy (MSPT) in 2002 and has been practicing advanced physical therapy and rehabilitation since. When her beloved dog Tymber was acutely paralyzed Darcy began researching how physical therapy could benefit canines. She learned a great deal and saw amazing results including Tymber regaining her ability to walk. This experience and her affection for dogs led her to complete Canine Rehabilitation Institute class work to become a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist (CRT) in 2011. Darcy is happy to be able to share her skills to improve dogs' physical capacity and quality of life.

Darcy Cook, MSPT, CCRT is the owner of Granite Sports Medicine and Black Dog Rehab, businesses that offer physical therapy for human and canine rehab for dogs respectively. Black Dog Rehab is located within Granite Sports Medicine. Learn more at www.406BDR.com, www.granitesportsmedicine.com,phone 406.222.4682 or email: darcy@406BDR.com.


Many Black Dog Rehab and Granite Sports Medicine customers may remember Truk, the friendly GSM greeter. Truk was a "mast-ard", a mastiff/shepard cross Darcy's husband Randy got in Missoula and Darcy became his lucky step mom when he was a year old.

Truk spent his formative, and wild younger, years in Missoula, Montana in a Volkswagen van, ever the laid-back traveler. His career in various professional trades took him all over the West and he excelled in many areas.

Not content to be without work as he reached retirement age, Truk accepted a position as "Head of Security" at Granite Sports Medicine. He became an active member of the rehabilitation team, often lying close to both human and dog patient alike, offering them his calming presence and support. Truk has been greatly missed since his passing in 2013 at age 14 (in dog years, almost 98 years old in human years.) His and Tymber's spirits still watch over and serve as an inspiration to the many canines treated at Black Dog Rehab.


Meet THE black dog who started it all! Darcy's dog Tymber inspired her to become a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist and found her namesake Black Dog Rehab. Tymber was a classic lab/herding breed mutt, full of enthusiasm and ever the "fun police". While in her prime - and mid-frisbee catch - Tymber was struck with a fibrocartilaginous embolic myopathy (FCE); a blockage in a blood vessel that supplies the spinal cord and results in instant paralysis. Darcy frantically scooped up her 75 pound dog and rushed to the Veterinary ER where unremarkable x-rays were taken and euthanasia was recommended. Not accepting this final answer, Darcy drove hours to a spine specialist who correctly diagnosed FCE. When asked what they could do, he shrugged and said, "I don't know, most people put their dogs down".

Darcy had completed her undergraduate degree and was strong in anatomy and neurology, so began a canine rehab program similar to that for human spinal trauma patients. She did PNF patterns for spasticity, assisted standing for strength, and daily assisted swims in a river eddy with Tymber in a life jacket (this was pre-Underwater Treadmill era). Within a few months, Tymber recovered, and although she had a funny gait, was back to her old self; chasing squirrels and herding her canine friends. Tymber lived to be 12 years old, with mobility and zest for life. It was this experience that made Darcy realize Canine Rehab was a niche that needed to be filled.

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